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    It goes without saying that great headshots are the key to getting casting calls. But if you want the part it is essential that when you arrive, you look like your picture! Casting directors tell me that their biggest disappointment is seeing actors at a casting who look totally different from their headshot.
    My unique expertise lies in taking headshots which fully express the way you come across to a director when you walk into the room. The secret is to ensure that you are at ease in your shots, and that the shots are actively directed to express your character.

    We always start by discussing the journey you've had to get here as an actor, how you see yourself now, and where you'd like to be in the future. I also like to see your past headshots, showreel, and acting CV, so I can build a fuller picture of your unique qualities.

    Working to develop a shared understanding of your career helps to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable. Many people also find it relaxing to listen to their favourite music during a shoot, so please do bring a CD if you'd like.

    Once we start shooting, I will act as a director, asking you to play a range of relevant situations and scenarios in front of the camera. That way every photo is different and expressive, and you have a wealth of great shots to choose from.

    This approach, perfected over nearly a decade, has enabled hundreds of my clients to land the roles they wanted

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    <b><font color="red">********DISCOUNTED HEADSHOT SESSION FOR CCP MEMBERS********</b></font>

    <b><u>Headshot session</u></b>

    Actors - £250 (<b><font color="red">£200 with CCP discount</b></font>)
    Students (with valid ID card) - £160


    - 200+ images taken
    - CD of all images (high res) in colour and black & white
    - 4 fully retouched and enhanced high res images in both
    color and black and white supplied on CD and/or emailed
    - Spotlight files of 4 images for uploading to website
    - Casting Call Pro files of 4 images for uploading to site


    - No extra charge for weekend bookings
    - Studio &/or outdoor shots for no extra charge
    - No limit on top changes
    - Sessions last approximately 2-3 hours
    - CD of high res images can be taken to repro lab for printing to 10x8

    <b><u>Extra services:</u></b>

    - Additional images enhanced and retouched for £15/image, £25 for two images and £30 for three.

    Visit my website for more information and to book a session online at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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  • Clare Buckingham
    Great photographer who really understands what you want and gives you lots of time to get the right shot.

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