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    Pete Bartlett
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    I specialise in taking high quality actor headshots that look like you!

    I try to have fun during a session but I'm very serious about getting what you want. I know how important these shots are for you and I'll do my best to get the picture which will grab the attention of those that matter in the few seconds you'll have to do it.

    I email out a bit of homework in the week beforehand; things for you to think about prior to the shoot and tips on how to get the best out of the session. I'm aware how un-natural if not downright terrifying it can feel to be in front of a stills camera so it usually proves useful to be prepared and have some things to draw on.

    The price includes at least 100 final shots on disc. I re-touch 2 further images after you have consulted with your agent and had time to think.

    Unlike other photographers I don't believe in keeping the (digital) negatives, I give them to you - which means NO REPEAT FEES for prints, just the cost of the session.

    Have a browse around my website - if you like my style then please call/email to arrange a booking. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me - I'm very friendly!

    My studio is based in Notting Hill, W11.

    Current Prices: £235 per session (Students £195)

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